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Ultimate 4WD & Ultimate Van Inspection

Ultimate 4WD &Ultimate Van Inspection

Most Complete Inspection on 4WD Cars All Type of Vans – Ultimate 350 Point Check.

50 More Points of Check Than Ultimate Vibe Plus

100% Peace of Mind Before Purchase

INC: Engine Compression, Radiator Pressure Test, Original Computer Scanning, Timing Belt, Timing Chain, Complete Diesel Engine Assessment, Turbo Charger, 4WD Gearbox, Paint & Accident Check, & Vehicle History Check.

Buying Four-Wheel Drive Cars and Vans is not the same as normal everyday cars. Naturally, these vehicles work under more pressure and in much tougher environments. Vans and People Movers are also often driven by multiple drivers with different driving habits throughout their lives.

As a result, parts in these vehicles go bad much faster than normal vehicles and sometimes Worn Powertrain and Chassis Rust become a nightmare for the new owners.

Here at Last Check, we have designed the most complete inspection for these type vehicles. This test includes 50 More Points of Check than everyday cars (Total of 350 Points) and eliminates all potential risks before purchase.


On 4WD Vehicles the check gives you all inclusions of 300 Point Ultimate Vibe Inspection (in car Inspection Page) plus 50 More points.

These 50 more points will cover all the Off-Road Gearbox, Front Differential, Rear Differential, Transfer Case, Drive Shaft, more in-depth Rust Assessment and a Completely Different Computer Diagnosis Which Checks the Entire ECU with up to 50 more modules.

We use Original Computers for each make and model, not generic scanners. It is the same computer that manufacturers use on each make and model for 100% Report Accuracy.

VANS & PEOPLE MOVERS (350 Point Check)

On Vans and People Movers you will again get all inclusions of Ultimate Vibe Plus Inspection plus extra 50 Points.

These extra Points are concentrated on the Engine & Gearbox, Intense Rust Assessment, Rear Differential, Front Differential along with a different and More Advanced Computer Diagnosis which checks the entire Powertrain Internally and gives you an accurate picture of internal parts of the Powertrain.

No matter if the vehicle has no service history, this check makes you aware of the true condition of the vehicle at the time of inspection.

We Put the Engine on these vehicles under a safe pressure to ensure we find all possible issues and save you all potential repairs in future.




Ultimate 350 Point Check which gets to the bottom of Mechanical and Bodily Health of the Car and reveals all issues of the vehicle.

No Matter what the seller claims about the vehicle and do not worry if the vehicle has no service record. We will get to the bottom of it for you.


  1. Full Engine and its Components + 20 More Points
  2. Transmission & Manual Gearbox + 30 More Points
  3. Different Computer Diagnosis + Up to 50 More Modules
  4. Overall Engine Compression Test (Safe Method)
  5. Radiator Pressure test (Safe Method)
  6. Complete 4WD Gearbox
  7. 4WD Road Test (Gearbox Performance)
  8. Transfer Case Full Assessment
  9. Front Differential
  10. Rear Differential
  11. Differential Lock & Diff Functionality
  12. DPF Assessment _ On Diesel Engines
  13. Clutch Health & Clutch Disc Remaining
  14. Clutch Performance
  15. Full Turbo Charger Assessment
  16. Full Intercooler Assessment
  17. Super Charger Assessment
  18. All Electronics & Their Functionalities
  19. Chassis, Suspension & Under body
  20. Electronic Paint Assessment
  21. Past Accident Assessment
  22. Specialized Rust Assessment (Using sophisticated Tools)
  23. All Electrical Wirings
  24. Hoses & Connections
  25. Interior & All Options
  26. All Hydraulics & Pumps
  27. Full Safety Check
  28. Complete Road Test
  29. Engineering Certificates
  30. Service History Check
  31. Vehicle History Check (Official PPSR Report)
  32. Extra-large Picture Album (150+ HD Pictures)


Service Options

Ultimate 4WD Inspection
350 Point Check

(Most Complete Inspection_ No More To Check)


Commercial Van & People Mover Inspection
350 Point Check

(Most Complete Inspection_ No More To Check)



We will call you right after the inspection and give you a complete brief over the phone before you get your written report. We will go through all details with you and help you to make only the best decision.


Within 24 hours you will also receive your 25 Pages Written Report explaining about every part of the truck in detail.

last Check Report is a complete professional report which is always checked by 2 Mechanics before sending out for maximum accuracy. Last Check reports can be used anywhere in Australia for repair or service purposes.

The report will also include HD pictures of the faulty parts to reduce the diagnosis cost and help you see them with your own eyes.


No Hidden Fees

At Last Check, we are committed to providing the best customer service. All our prices include GST and there are no hidden fees so that you can book with total confidence 24/7.

To ensure maximum security, we never save your card or account details and our online payment system runs on PayPal. Whether you want to use your credit card or pay directly from your PayPal account, your information remains private.

Some cities such as Sydney are very large in area. Although we cover 95 percent of the whole area with no extra charge, some places require long travel or heavy toll fees. If the chosen service area requires an additional fee for travel or is outside our coverage area, you will be informed upfront.

For phone bookings, we will inform you right away or call you shortly after you make the booking. For after-hours or online bookings also, we will contact you and inform you the next day or before we conduct the service.

We are committed to 100% service transparency and we will never send you a surprise bill after conducting the service.

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Australia's Ultimate Vehicle Inspection
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  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Log Book & Services
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check
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