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Terms and conditions

Last check like other mobile inspection companies offers a general roadside inspection therefore whilst every care is taken sometimes not all the faults can be detected.

Our service is a visual road side inspection only and no vehicle component can be removed or fixed as a result. The service takes approximately an hour and the entire vehicle is meant to be inspected within this limited time. Lighting, noise and weather condition also directly affect the quality of roadside inspection therefore we need to look at the report based on its own merits.

At the same time our Inspectors are not allowed to open or disassemble any part of the vehicle for diagnosis purposes or reset the car computer to clear faults. As a result missing some issues can be inevitable in the roadside inspection.

If you need a more detailed inspection the vehicle needs to go to a service centre with hoist facility and authority to disassemble the components if necessary.

VIN and Engine number can be checked for tampering however not guaranteed. We are not expert of the law and we only record the engine number from the registration papers if available. Only in the absence of the rego papers we record the VIN from the engine. Confirming the vehicle authenticity is solely the responsibility of the purchaser and can only be endorsed by the relevant authorities. Last Check’s report is limited to checking the performance and visual condition of the vehicle.

Last check is not a mechanic service. We are a group of professional vehicle inspectors with strict guidelines and we endeavour to give you a detailed inspection report based on the road side inspection merits.

The inspectors’ role is NOT to diagnose any faults but it is to inform the client of anything that’s alarming on the vehicle if they show up on the road side inspection.

Last check does NOT offer any mechanic or panel beating service therefore it is not in any position to give repair quotes to the clients. Our job as mentioned is simply limited to bringing the issues to the client’s attention. The client can choose to get a proper repair quote from their choice of authorised service providers if they wish to do so.

Last Check’s report is not a warranty or guarantee; it is only intended as an advice for the person(s) named on this form and is not to be relied upon by any third party or for any other purpose.

What we don’t check – Fuel and oil consumption, timing belts, alarm/security system, trip meters, navigation equipment / GPS, operation of TV, cassette or compact disc player, automatic switching of wipers and lights, brake pads, water leaks, engine compression, airbags, ABS system, automated park, brake pad percentage or breaking system.

All vehicles are inspected as presented; please ensure that you are aware of the vehicles options and features example: Air bag quantity, Engine specifications, cruise control etc, as this can vary from model to model as an option and won’t be covered in this report.

Issues such as oil leak are very slow processes and can be cleaned easily especially if the leak is not too severe. Last check can only provide report based on what was seen at the time of inspection.

A minimum of half an hour test drive before settlement is always recommended to ensure the authenticity of the vehicle condition.

We strongly recommend that you do the final checks at the time of settlement and check under the vehicle for possible oil leaks again to ensure nothing has been altered or changed from the time of inspection.

Road side inspection only has advisory value and the client has to make the final decision. If the client finds anything concerning which is or is not indicated in the report, we are fully committed and we will definitely help as much as possible. In some cases we will arrange a complementary secondary service free of charge to further investigate the client’s concerns no matter how long after the inspection date it might be.

Last Check does NOT take any responsibility if the client chooses to purchase the vehicle only based on this general inspection report  without final checking and.

State Laws:

Every state has its own transport rules and last check is not in the position to give the client any advice on them. If you intend to register the vehicle in a particular state including NSW, or if you have any questions regarding the vehicle modifications please contact the relevant authorities directly.

Vehicle History report:

Last Check will provide you with all the information that has been stored in PPSR data base up to the time of inspection. Please keep in mind that some information might have not been noted in the report or need further updating. Last Check cannot be held accountable for any out of date information provided by PPSR.

In some cases the history of the vehicle doesn’t exist in the government data base which means the VIN is not recognisable. If it is the case, Last Check will provide you with the original copy of the notification but it is the responsibility of the buyer to contact PPSR or other authorities for more information.

We strongly recommend that you do the final check at the time of settlement to ensure nothing has been altered or changed on the vehicle from the time of inspection.

Refund Policy:

When you make a booking with us, our main goal is to give you the best service exactly at your preferred time. Your booking will remain unchanged and we do not accept any jobs for that particular date and time. At last check our valued customers always come first which means if you have booked an inspection for a certain date and you no longer want the service, you are entitled to a full refund of your payment subject to the below conditions.

A full refund will be the case as long as you notify us by latest 6pm of the day before your booked date. For any cancellations that happen after 6pm of the day before or for cancellations that happen right on the inspection date, you are still entitled for a refund but only 50% of the amount will be returned.

As mentioned in the above conditions even though we take absolute care not to miss anything some issues can still be missed or not show up on the general road side inspection. The reports are all made very professionally and all of the issues that we find will be recorded in the report.

Last Check is committed to a high end customer service quality like no other Australian company therefore the client has the full right to seek help from us if they find anything which has been missed in the report before. This can be done before the settlement and no matter how long after the inspection date it might be, help is still fully guaranteed by Last Check. The client is not entitled to any refund based on a missed issue or if they choose not to seek extra assistance.


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