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Last Check like other mobile vehicle inspection companies offers roadside inspection service at the client’s preferred location. We conduct the inspection at the seller’s location or elsewhere where road rules allow us, and the area is safe to do so.

When performing the service, all road rules will be respected by our inspectors and we ensure that the vehicle never exceeds the limits at the time of road test.

Our service is a visual roadside inspection and no vehicle component will be removed or fixed on the third-party vehicle. This is the reassurance that both the buyer and seller will receive that their vehicle will remain untouched during the inspection. We work on the roadside and light condition, noise and weather condition can affect the job quality and picture album we produce in some cases.

At the same time, we only have senior vehicle inspectors onboard, use state of the art technologies and sophisticated computers exclusive to each make and model which reveal smallest hidden faults of the vehicle without any need to open parts.

All big issues such as engine, gearbox, electronics and powertrain will be revealed during the test, but some minor or cosmetic issues can be potentially undetected although its rare. If you need a more detailed inspection or parts disassembly, the vehicle needs to go to a service center with hoist facility and authority from the seller to disassemble components.

We check all vehicle plates and papers when possible and perform vehicle history check directly from Australian government sources however confirming the vehicle authenticity is solely the responsibility of the purchaser and can only be endorsed by the relevant authorities. Last Check’s report is limited to checking the performance and mechanical condition of the vehicle.

Since the inspector is not authorized to work on the vehicle or open any parts, diagnosing the exact faults can only happen if the fault is visually obvious. Last Check does not offer any mechanical repairs or panel beating service therefore it is not in any position to give repair quotes to the clients. Our job is limited to bringing the issues to the client’s attention and give them a list of faults that the vehicle has. The client can choose to get a proper repair quote from their choice of authorized service providers with permission to work on the vehicle.

However, during the verbal report that you receive after the inspection, your inspector will warn you of any big repair costs, answer your technical questions about the vehicle and help you in deciding what to do. The written report will also contain a recommendation part made for you that explains the issues and inform you of the best options.

Last Check’s report can be used in Tribunals and Courts of Law in Australia Upon Request but is only intended as an advice for the person(s) named on the inspection report.

All visible parts of the vehicle get fully checked during the inspection where possible. Brake functionality and ABS get fully checked during the inspection, but thickness of brake pads and discs can’t be checked since the wheels stay on the vehicle during the test. Bluetooth connection, DVD player, steering buttons, aftermarket addons, automatic parking and cruise won’t be checked during the visual check as this can vary from model to model. At the same time if they have any obvious issues or get picked up during computer diagnosis, will be reported.

Issues such as oil leak are very slow processes and old leaks can contaminate a much bigger surface area by time therefore finding the exact source of leak can’t be possible every time. However all leaks from obvious sources will be diagnosed at the time of inspection and will be reported.

Each client will receive a large picture album of the vehicle showing all panels and reported fault to help them better understand the issue. As the vehicle remains at the position of the seller after the inspection, final decision is responsibility of the buyer therefore we strongly recommend a final viewing of the vehicle to ensure things haven’t changed and cosmetically you are happy with the vehicle. A minimum of half an hour test drive before settlement is always recommended to ensure the authenticity of the vehicle condition.

Last Check does not take any responsibility if the client chooses to purchase the vehicle only based on the inspection report without final inspection.

State Laws:

Every state has its own transport rules and Last Check is not in the position to give clients any advice on them. Not all states are strict on the same issues and for example a vehicle that is registered in NSW can need some alteration in other states before registering.

Some mechanical modifications can also be a problem while changing the registration between states and is something that needs to be checked with relevant authorities.
Last Check only checks the mechanical aspects of the vehicle and report on faults. It is buyer’s responsibility to check things with relevant authorities and ensure the modifications etc. causes no issues while changing the registration.

Vehicle History Report:

Last Check will provide you with all the information that has been stored in PPSR data base (Australian Government’s Website) up to the time of inspection. Please keep in mind that some information might have not been noted in the report or need further updating. Last Check cannot be held accountable for any out of date information provided by PPSR.

In some cases, history of the vehicle doesn’t exist in the government data base which means the VIN is not recognizable. If this is the case, Last Check will provide you with the original copy of the notification, but it is the responsibility of the buyer to contact PPSR or other authorities for more information.

We strongly recommend that you do the final check at the time of settlement to ensure nothing has been altered or changed on the vehicle from the time of inspection.

Refund Policy:

At Last Check our valued customers always come first which means if you have booked an inspection for a certain date and you no longer want the service, you are entitled to a refund of your payment.
Customer service comes first to us which means you don’t need to provide any reason for your change of date or cancellation. We have made it easy and safe for all clients to make their booking online with peace of mind not worrying about anything.

Last Check makes every effort to ensure no mistakes happen in timing, the seller will definitely be contacted prior to the inspection and again on the inspection day prior to the service to ensure their plan has remained unchanged and we are good to go.

To ensure we don’t waste your money, we never make any travel without the vehicle owner’s final confirmation to ensure everything is good.

A full refund will be issued if Last Check is notified on the same day of booking the service whether the booking is online or on the phone.

A full refund of the funds minus 20 dollars service fee will be issued as long as you notify us by latest 6pm of the day before or prior to our closure the day before if it’s on the weekend or public holiday. This doesn’t have any expiry date and can happen even if you have booked the service for a month ahead.

For any cancellations that happen after 6pm of the day before or for cancellations that happen right on the inspection date within 3 hours of the service, a refund of 50 percent will be issued.

If the cancellation has happened within 3 hours of the service or if we the buyer doesn’t show up or ends the inspection, no refunds will be issued.

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