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Super Car Inspection - Modified Car Inspection - Performance Car Inspection

Supercar Inspection & Modified Car Inspection

Most Complete Inspection on a Super Car & Modified Vehicle Done by Qualified Specialists – 400+ Point Check.

100% Risk-Free Peace of Mind Before Investment.

INC: Engine Compression Test, Radiator Pressure, Gearbox, Clutch & Powertrain, Super Advanced Computer Diagnosis, Electronic Rust & Paint Assessment, Test Drive, Legal Papers & Vehicle History Check.


Last Check Supercar inspection is the Most Complete Car Inspection on all performance cars with 400+ Point Check. It is suitable for all Vehicles with 6 Cylinder Turbocharged Engine, 8 Cylinder Engines and above.

This inspection gives you all inclusions of Ultimate Vibe Plus Test plus up to 150 more Points of check focused mainly on the Powertrain.

It gets to the bottom of Engine & Gearbox health with a completely different Computer Diagnosis. Diagnosis gets done by the Original Computers specific to each make and model which gets to the bottom of the powertrain performance and health. it is not a normal scanner; it is the same Computer that Vehicle Manufacturers use to read and program the ECU.

Diagnosis is super sensitive and can identify all issues as small as a Cylinder. On the side of fault diagnosis, it checks Live Engine Performance Data with over 100 items to check.

This is not a type of car inspection that any Mechanic can just do. Normal Mechanics do not have the knowledge to perform this grade tests. Supercar Inspection is done by our Highest Grade of Inspectors and Auto Engineers who know about working on Big Engines and know the type of Car very well.

This test leaves no room for error and checks all modules of the vehicle to diagnose the smallest faults. It means 100% Confidence and easy decision making with the reassurance that you know everything about the vehicle before making your decision.


Modifications such as Dyno Tune are done on cars to improve the performance and powertrain responsivity. Some other modifications are done to improve other aspects of the vehicle, but it is not always the case.

A wrong Dyno Tune or an unprofessional modification can work against the performance or oppositely affect the ECU.

The same thing applies to all suspension and exhaust system modifications, not only they can affect the registration status of the car, they can be unsafe as well.

At Last Check, we have Modified Car Specialists with years of experience in Vehicle Modifications and Dyno Tuning.

No matter who has done the modifications and whether you have all engineering papers or not.

No service book will be required for this type of test, our 380+ Point of check leaves nothing to guesswork on any Modified Vehicle.

Our Modified Car Inspectors will get to the bottom of the Vehicle Modifications and using Special Computers can identify the smallest defects caused by modifications in the ECU.

It gives you a special focus on all Emissions as well to ensure the legality of the Vehicle that can cause a problem for Registration Purposes.

On the side of Fault Diagnosis, in Modified Car Inspection, we perform an Additional Engine Live Data to ensure the performance of the engine is up to standards.


We do not take any chances when it comes to Performance & Modified Cars. Every inspectable part of the vehicle get fully checked safely and without opening any part on the third party’s vehicle.


  1. Engine & Full Powertrain + Extra 100 Point
  2. Transmission & Manual Gearbox + Extra 100 Point
  3. Super Advanced Computer Diagnosis (Using Original Computers)
  4. Engine Live Data Scan (Using Sophisticated Computers)
  5. Vehicle Onboard Computer Check (On Dashboard)
  6. Overall Engine Compression (Fully Safe Method)
  7. Radiator Pressure Test (Fully Safe Method)
  8. Full Clutch Performance Test
  9. Heavy-Duty Clutch Performance (If Any)
  10. Dyno Tune Assessment (On Modified Cars)
  11. Modification Assessment (On Modified Cars)
  12. Special Turbo Charger Assessment
  13. Special Intercooler Assessment
  14. Special Supercharger Assessment
  15. Timing Belt & Timing Chain Assessment
  16. All Electronics & Functionalities
  17. Complete Interior
  18. Chassis & Underbody
  19. Special Rust Assessment
  20. Past Accident Assessment
  21. Electronic Paint Assessment
  22. Suspension & All Parts
  23. Road Safety Check
  24. Complete Test Drive
  25. Service History Check
  26. Engineering Certificates
  27. All Legal Documents
  28. Extra Large Picture Album (160+ HD Pictures)
  29. Vehicle History Check (Original PPSR Report)




  • Make a booking
  • Inform the seller to expect our call from us
  • We make all arrangements directly with the seller
  • We carry out the inspection at their Location & Call you after


Right after the inspection, you receive a phone call from your own inspector, he will run you through the whole condition of the vehicle and informs you of all defects. You will have the chance to ask any questions regarding the vehicle and know all about it right after the inspection.


Within 24 hours you will also receive your 25 Page Written Report explaining about every part of the Car in detail.

If you are FAR AWAY and cannot attend the inspection, our large picture album shows you literally all parts of the vehicle and all reported issues so that you leave nothing to guesswork.

Last Check Report is a Complete Professional Report which is always checked by 2 Mechanics before sending out for Maximum Accuracy (Only at Last Check).


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Service Options

Modified Car Inspection
380+ Point Check


Ultimate Supercar Inspection
400+ Point Check

(Most Complete Inspection on a Performance Car)


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At Last Check, we are committed to providing the best customer service. All our prices include GST and there are no hidden fees so that you can book with total confidence 24/7.

To ensure maximum security, we never save your card or account details and our online payment system runs on PayPal. Whether you want to use your credit card or pay directly from your PayPal account, your information remains private.

Some cities such as Sydney are very large in area. Although we cover 95 percent of the whole area with no extra charge, some places require long travel or heavy toll fees. If the chosen service area requires an additional fee for travel or is outside our coverage area, you will be informed upfront.

For phone bookings, we will inform you right away or call you shortly after you make the booking. For after-hours or online bookings also, we will contact you and inform you the next day or before we conduct the service.

We are committed to 100% service transparency and we will never send you a surprise bill after conducting the service.

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  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Log Book & Services
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check
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