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Pre Finance Vehicle Inspection


100% Risk Free Peace of Mind Before Getting Finance

Know Real Value & Condition of The Vehicle Ensuring a Secure Investment Reassuring Both You & Finance Organization

INC: Full Powertrain, Chassis, Paint & Previous Accident Assessment, All Electronics, Original Computer Scanning, Timing Belt, Turbo Charger, Specialized Diesel Engine Assessment, Test Drive & Vehicle History Check

Last Check currently provides vehicle inspection service for All general Public, NSW Government fleet and Commercial corporate fleet across Sydney.

Whether you wish to apply for a finance on a new vehicle and you want to make sure that the vehicle is worth what you are paying for.

Or simply you have been instructed by your finance company or financial organisation to obtain a pre finance vehicle inspection, we are here to help.

Last Check provides complete pre finance inspections on all make and model vehicles in Australia. Whether you have a luxury vehicle in mind, an everyday vehicle or a heavy vehicle, we do them all.


European vehicles specialists, Asian vehicles specialists, Super car mechanics, Classic vehicles and Restoration experts & Heavy vehicle and Diesel Mechanics.

There is no random inspection at Last Check. Only the right mechanic who is specialized on your vehicle type, gets appointed to do the job.


During the inspection all parts of the vehicle get fully checked including Engine and complete powertrain, Body which includes both interior and exterior parts, underbody and all leaks , the entire electronic system and all safety points including tyres and brakes.




Last Check Pre-Finance Vehicle Inspection serves two different purposes. Not only you will receive a pre finance report required by the finance organisation, you will be aware of the condition of the vehicle in full.

You will be informed if the vehicle you are buying has any major issues or need any repairs as well as its safety on the road. This can be used as a powerful negotiation tool to reduce the final price of the vehicle based on the issues found and the projected repair price.


Service Inclusions:    price

  1. Complete Mechanical Inspection ___Gives you a Complete Mechanical inspection of the vehicle. We look for any Oil Leak, Chassis Damage, Steering, Brake or any Safety Issues and the entire Engine, Transmission, Cooling System and everything else. Every checkable part of the vehicle gets inspected. All Luxury & European cars are included.
  2. Comprehensive Computer Diagnosis___ Specific diagnosis for each type of vehicle_ All hidden faults will be revealed including Serious Engine & Transmission Faults.
  3. Timing Belt/Chain Check__ Full Performance of Timing Belt/Chain Will Be Tested By Sophisticated Computers.
  4. Engine Compression Test ___ Engine Compression & Health Of Engine Internal Parts Gets Checked Using Advanced Methods_ Absolutely Safe- No Spark Plug Removal On Third Party Vehicle.
  5. Radiator Pressure Test ___ Radiator Pressure & Full Health of Cooling System Gets Checked Using Advanced Methods_ Advanced Safe Method- No Radiator Cap Removal On Third Party Vehicle.
  6. Full DPF Assessment on Diesel Vehicles ___ Diesel Particulate Filter Will Be Fully Checked on All Diesel Engines_ Avoiding Big Repair Costs.
  7. Professional Body Inspection + Full Accident Assessment ___ Even a 10-year-old accident or paint job will be revealed no matter how good it is done Plus Rust Assessment.
  8. Official PPSR Vehicle History Report ___ Revealing if the vehicle has ever been a write off, stolen, or the seller owes any money on it & full registration status and vehicle details.
  9. Full Test Drive___4WD Gearbox and all features get professionally tested if any.
  10. Full Picture Album (100+images)___ Camera goes everywhere with the inspector Enabling you to see the vehicle inside out including full Under body, Rusty parts& All Reported Defects Such as Leaks and Bodily Imperfections.


As an Australian registered company, our reports can be accepted across the country in all states. Sometimes your finance company or financial organisation have a separate form that needs to be filled up by your mechanic which can also be arranged.

Simply send us the form along with your inspection request and your mechanic will fill that in, endorse it and send back to you.

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Super Advance Check

  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Log Book & Services
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check
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