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Manual Booking

Manual Booking

It is always best to make a booking online by filling the booking form so that we receive your booking in the right order and avoid delays in your inspection.

If in any case you have trouble booking using our online form, please copy and paste the below text in an email and write the answer to each question in front of each item and send the

email to: contact@lastcheck.com.au

If you send your details within business hours, we will call you shortly after receiving your email to finalise your booking. If you are booking after hours, you will receive the call the next day after 9am.

Please answer the questions below and email us.

  1. Your full name/Company name(for your invoice):
  2. Your email (To receive the report):
  3. Your preferred phone number:
  4. Seller’s name:
  5. Seller’s address:
  6. Seller’s phone number:
  7. Make & Year model of the vehicle:
  8. Colour:
  9. Plate Number(if at a dealer):
  10. Preferred Date:
  11. Will you attend?(if you can’t, we will arrange with the seller directly on your behalf):

In the meanwhile, please inform your seller to expect a call from us. We will call them on your behalf and arrange a time and place for your inspection. If you have chosen to attend the inspection, we will inform you of the time and place to meet your inspector at the scene.

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We Check Everything

  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Log Book & Services
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check
  • Book An Inspection

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