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Last Check vehicle inspection is a full-time mobile inspection company. We come to your desired location and conduct the inspection there. If you are buying a Vehicle from a Private Seller or Car Dealer, you just need to give them a heads up to expect a call from us.

After receiving your inspection booking, we will contact your nominated person and arrange a time and place directly with them.

If you wish to attend the inspection, just let us know by choosing Yes to your attendance when you are booking online and expect a call from us.

After making all arrangements with your seller, we will contact you and let you know when we are conducting your inspection normally a day before.

On the day of inspection, your inspector will contact you before hand and informs you when and where to meet. This place is normally at the seller’s desired location.

You can then make your way there and meet your inspector when doing the inspection. In cases like this, you will receive a verbal report from your mechanic instantly and you can make a decision on the spot.


95 percent of our clients do not attend the inspection in person. If you cannot attend the inspection, your inspector will call you right after the inspection and gives you a verbal report on the phone.

Your Inspector will run you through all the issues found on the vehicle and helps you make a decision easier. You can then ask all technical questions from the same Mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.


Our team of inspectors cover all Sydney metro area including Sydney North, Sydney South, Western Sydney and all Eastern Suburbs.

Our prices are set as stated on the website for almost 95 percent of Sydney area. Sydney is exceptionally large, and some areas are very far in distance and require heavy tolls, if your desired suburb falls within those 5 percent of areas which are far away, we will require a small additional fee to cover the cost.

In cases like this, we will contact you first and inform you before anything.


To ensure maximum possible peace of mind when booking an inspection, here at Last Check we have a secure payment method in place. We use PayPal for all credit card transactions or straight PayPal payments. It means we never see or keep your credit card details. All your card details get directly encrypted by PayPal and remains fully secure which means even if something happens to our website, no one can have access to your details.

Our website information also fully encrypted by SSL (Transport Layer Security) and Bank Level Virus detectors to avoid any scamming.


No matter how you make the payment for your inspection, we never keep your card details for any purpose. If you make the payment online, as stated above all your details will remain fully secure and encrypted by PayPal.

If you pay over the Phone, your card details are only for one time use and never get saved anywhere. It means if you want to add another service to your current booking or make another order, we will ask for your card details again.


Whenever you call us, you only get to speak to someone who knows it all. Only our most senior inspectors will be speaking to you over the phone no matter when you call.

Whether you contact our office or call the on call mobile number, you get to speak to a mechanic directly.

It gives you the chance to discuss technical things or ask any mechanical question from a senior inspector who knows it all.

Open Days: 7 Days a Week

Contact Hours:Weekdays: 9am to 7pm- Weekends: 10am to 4Pm

Phone: 02 8626 3732

On Call Inspector: 0424 579 670

Email: Contact@lastcheck.com.au

All enquiries need to be Only by Phone or Email. At the same time, we are active on all social medias to give you a better picture of what we do.


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Super Advance Check

(Ultimate Vibe)

  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Log Book & Services
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check
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