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About Us

Last Check Pty Ltd is a frontier in Motor Inspection industry in Australia. Our head office is in Rydalmere suburb of Sydney NSW and our mobile inspectors service all over Sydney metro area.

After conducting thousands of inspections on Light & Heavy vehicles, we are the most rated inspection company in entire Australia. At the same time, we perform literally the most complete test on all vehicles with between 300 to 400 points of check including Engine Compression & original computer scanning exclusive to each make and model.

This is a service exclusive to Last Check and not all providers would do this. As a result, each one of our inspections get to the bottom of the vehicle health and value to enable our clients to invest with full clarity and avoid big repair costs.

No Matter where the car is located, as long as it is in Sydney metro area, we always have someone close by to ensure the quickest service for our clients’ convenience.


To ensure that each inspection gets done with the highest level of precision, we do not have any inspector with less than 10 years of mechanical experience. No matter how knowledgeable and experienced each mechanic is, they still go through regular extensive trainings specially when we introduce a new technology or product.

This means peace of mind and reassurance that nothing will be missed in any of our services.


After receiving each booking, only the right inspector gets appointed to perform the inspection.

European Vehicles get checked only by European Mechanics, Asian, American & Australian cars by the right Mechanics.

Supercars, Modified Cars & 4WD Vehicles get done by our senior inspectors who have extensive experience on those particular vehicles.

Last Check also perform the highest level of inspections (Full Inspection) on a broad range of Heavy Vehicles including Heavy and Light Trucks, Buses, Prime Movers & all Industrial Trucks. These inspections get done by Toppest level of Diesel Mechanics to ensure the most precise service before any big investment.

With access to latest technologies and highly skilled team, we are truly one of the leaders within the industry worldwide setting new benchmarks in the service.

We Perform tests that others don’t and our fully detailed 24 Page Report will cover everything from A to Z plus all little details.


Last Check Booking process is extremely simple, Just book your inspection either online or on the phone, let the seller know to expect a call from us and leave everything else to us.



As an Australian Registered Inspection Company, our reports can also be used as a legal document.

You will know the inspection results right after the inspection. Your inspector will call you after inspecting your vehicle and gives you a complete verbal report over the phone. you then have the chance to ask any mechanical questions from the same mechanic who has inspected your vehicle.

The mechanic can also advice you on what is best for you to do and help you make the final decision on the spot.

In less than 24 hours you will receive 24 pages written report certificate along with an exceptionally large HD picture album, Vehicle history Check (Official PPSR report), your tax invoice and all other associated documents.

Your report can be used across entire Australia including all courts and tribunals should you have a repair dispute or if you have been unhappy with the quality of service you have received from your personal mechanic.

Just ask us how or have a chat with us regarding your matter and we will make it easy for you.

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Super Advance Check

(Ultimate Vibe)

  • Full Engine
  • Computer Diagnosis
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Full 4x4 Gearbox
  • Under Body & Chassis
  • Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
  • Accident Assessment
  • Paint Recognition
  • Log Book & Services
  • Full Road Test
  • Large Photo Album
  • History Check/PPSR Check
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